Why "Black Dog Custom Leather"?

There actually is a black dog! Jimme is also known as the "LBD".  Little Black Dog.  Little Busy Dog.  Little Bad Dog.  You get the picture.  He was a Humane Society find in October of 2009.  A Saturday donation drop of newspapers, bleach, blankets and toys ended up with us coming home with him on the following Monday.  We couldn't be happier with him.  We can't forget to mention, Suzie (the 12 year old English Springer Spaniel), who has decided another dog in the house is almost okay.  She's lived with 3 cats for so long we think she thinks she is a cat. We also have three horses.   

I made my first pair of leather saddle bags around 2006-2007. Yeah- I think it actually took that long- that was ALOT of lacing!  (They are in the gallery.)  Carved my first pieces in the spring of 2008 after seeing Clay Banyai's embossing tutorials on Leatherworker.net.  I attended the International Federation of Leather Guild's annual show in the fall of 2008 and was amazed at what could be done with leather.  I had no idea!  I came home from that trip completely hooked. 

There are so many leatherworker friends to thank for all of their help over the past few years that I am afraid of listing everyone and forgetting someone.  So- you all know who you are- Thank You!    

To all my non-leatherworker friends and family, thank you for enduring hours of mind numbing leather speak and the parade of samples and prototypes that were thrust upon you!

A special thanks goes to an amazing, understanding husband who has not said a word about the leather room overtaking the whole house.  Thank you for being my extra pair of hands, my tool guru, my heavy-lifter, assistant cutter, and dinner-cooker! 

Crystal L. Dick